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What’s Trending in Construction with Simone O’Sullivan – Talent Acquisition Specialist Property & Construction

We welcomed Simone to BROOK in 2022.

She has great background and knowledge in recruitment and a very sharp eye when it comes to the finer details.

She has listed out some of the most important things to know when it comes to working in the Construction industry in 2022 including candidate and salary expectations.

Here are some of her thoughts:

Tell us about what’s on your desk right now?

The Construction industry is booming at the moment! It’s very busy with a lot of construction projects underway already in 2022. My desk includes work within the education, healthcare, residential, warehousing and commercial infrastructure industries.

What are Construction Employees looking for in their roles this year?

There are three main topics that regularly surface for candidates and employees in this area; career progression, long term commitment and culture. 

Career progression:
A trend I’m seeing is candidates are looking for career progression and training opportunities, candidates are willing to move if they get the opportunity to progress in their career and are offered the right support and training.

Candidates often start their career with smaller projects such as small residential projects/renovations, then generally after a few years once candidates feel they can confidently work on these projects they look for the next challenge to move to the bigger projects such larger developments and commercial builds to upskill their knowledge and abilities.

Many candidates start out for example as Site Managers and Contract Administrators at an entry level and are now looking to gain more experience and knowledge so they can make the transition into a Managerial role.

Long term commitment:
I’m finding both the candidates and clients are wanting long-term commitments. Some projects can take years to complete, meaning construction companies are wanting someone with the commitment to see through a project from start to finish

In terms of candidates, I’m finding the fundamental task and duties employers offer are similar, but what’s important to candidates is the workplace culture and as mentioned above, career progression.

What are the current salary expectations?

Senior Estimators, Project Managers and Site Managers are being filled anywhere from $120K – $300K. Contract Administrators, Project Co-Ordinator’s and Assistant Project Managers can range from $70K to $150K.

What do you think is trending for 2022?  
Most candidates are looking for work/projects to be close to their home to try and avoid lengthy commuted.

Due to Covid, candidates are looking to have a bit more flexibility (WFH) on their role with also the ability to sub-contract their work and time to clients should the opportunity arise.


If you want to chat more to Simone, please contact her at or 0418 727 058

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