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Are you looking for your next Executive Assistant superstar, to support your everyday activities, during this crazy time?  Then we have just the person for you!

Sharlene is a strong, reliable and flexible professional with 4 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant. It’s Sharlene’s powerful experience in a completely different industry that makes her this month’s Top Candidate!

Watch Sharlene’s video below to learn more.

About Sharlene.

My name is Sharlene, I am passionate, creative and bubbly, always looking to challenge myself and inspire others around me, in both my professional and social networks. 

I am an Executive Assistant and Event Manager with a passion for providing high-level support and coordinating projects. I set many goals and projects for myself to make sure I am constantly improving my skillset as well as learning and growing. 

I studied my Bachelor of Business here in Melbourne, as well as the EUROMED school of Business in Marseille, France. From there I worked on events such as the Nice Open, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Formula 1, Commonwealth Games and the X Games. 

My experience as an Event Manager includes working in Global Sports Events for companies such as ESPN and Walt Disney and as an Executive Assistant I’ve worked in the corporate and public sectors. I have a range of transferable skills including project management and coordination, team management and training, as well as Executive level support. 

Tell us about your dream company and role!

I have quite an entrepreneurial mindset, so I’d love to work for a company where I can offer my creative, innovative skill set to maximise efficiency, contributing ideas, support and learn from my team members and a company where the mission is built around constantly improving and standing out in their field. 

Why will your dream company love having you on board?

I bring passion, drive, ambition and positivity to any environment. I believe in taking initiative and going above and beyond what the “requirements” are to always stand out from the crowd.

We live in a service-based world where details really count and I take pride in differentiating myself and the company I represent.  I pay extra attention to all of the small things, just like in the events world, that’s what your staff, clients and stakeholders will always notice!  

For more information on Sharlene, contact us on 03 9707 2700 or email connect@brookrecruitment.com.au

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