At BROOK we work hard to screen our candidates to make sure they’re going to be the right fit for your business. We often come across what we consider to be Top Candidates who are ready for their next big role. 

This week it’s ANDREW who is an exceptional candidate with over ten years of Marketing experience in the Construction Industry, he just completed a mini MBA and is looking to work on exciting projects with a future pipeline. 

Let’s get to know him. 

Tell us your work history

I have over ten years’ of marketing experience in the residential home construction industry, beginning with a sales & marketing coordinator role and progressing to marketing manager for the last 7 years. After this, I needed a career change and wanted to work on bigger projects, be in a role which was purely marketing focused and decided upon project marketing management and got the opportunity with Villawood Properties. I loved this job immensely and developed my marketing skills and experience to a new level. Undertook an online 10 week mini MBA in Marketing course to refresh my knowledge/training and have recently completed a 6 month contract with Salta Properties as a marketing executive.

What are you looking for in a company?

I am looking for a positive work culture with an excellent marketing team that enjoys collaboration and bouncing ideas around. I want to work on exciting projects with a strong future pipeline and management that empowers, communicates, and offers support when required.

"I strongly believe that land developments, particularly in growth corridors will continue to perform well throughout 2022."


What are you most excited about for 2022?

With the worst of COVID now behind us, it is an incredibly exciting time for all property sectors. International borders have reopened which will see an influx of immigration into Victoria. From experience, they are a large segment of purchasers at new greenfield developments. New home construction has always favoured customers in relation to price and quality and with median house pricing continuing to soar, house and land packages are the most feasible way to enter the housing market. Melbourne recorded a 125% increase in lot sales in 2021, some 44% of the national market. Even though land sales have dropped in Jan/Feb this year, the consensus is this is due to lack of supply and not demand. I strongly believe that land developments, particularly in growth corridors will continue to perform well throughout 2022.

If you could invite anyone for dinner, who would it be? 

Jeff Bezos – a true marketing orientated pioneer that exemplifies tenacity, ambition, motivation and drive. Had a clear vision of future success and didn’t allow for anyone to offset him from his dreams.

Please contact Olivia today if Andrew sounds like your next perfect employee! 

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