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At BROOK we work hard to screen our candidates to make sure they are going to be the right fit for your business. We often come across what we consider to be Top Candidates who are ready for their next big role. 

If you need someone in your Construction Admin Team with strong attention to detail and a keen focus on problem analysis and resolution – we have the perfect candidate for you. Let’s get to know her. 

Her Work History

I started my working career in customer service and made my way through to administration with my organisational and time management skills. I’m currently working for a not-for-profit as an administrative officer.

I’m ready to take the leap into a project environment and continue honing my skills and knowledge. My long-term career goal is to become a great Project Manager in the Construction field, successfully delivering projects on time and within budget while working alongside outstanding teams!

What She is Looking for in a Company

I’m looking for a company that values integrity and understands the balance between passion, professionalism, and fun.

And one that also appreciates the work employees do and encourages continuous learning to support their personal and professional development.

If She Could Invite Anyone to Dinner…

I would invite my younger self to dinner so that I could be a more fruitful and more intelligent version of ‘me’. I would share the wisdom and knowledge I’ve grown to learn and understand over the years, such as ‘life is not always black and white’.

"I’m most excited for new adventures and arising opportunities in 2022! "

 Please contact us today if you are either looking to fill a role, or if you’re personally looking for a new job on

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