Top Candidate – Experienced Marketing Manager

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This week’s Top Candidate is Experienced Marketing Manager, Dave.

A one-person creative and marketing agency, Dave is ideal for a role where results are just as important as visuals.

Already in 2021, he has achieved results such as increasing website visits to specific pages by over 300% and reduce overall website bounce rates by 50% – just to name a few!

Watch the video below to find out more about Dave and how he can bring his passion and dedication to drive sales in your business.

Tell us about yourself, Dave.

Hi, my name is Dave and If you want a one-person creative and marketing agency then I am the right person for you. I am originally from the UK and moved to Australia just over 5 years ago. I bring a wealth and depth of experience to any role I undertake. I am keen to learn and really enjoy adding value to the company I am working with as I grow their brand/market share. 

I am a passionate, creative and adaptive person looking to join or lead a team where I can grow personally and professionally as I help those around me to ensure the company achieves their objectives and aspirations. 

I have a BA (Hons) in Marketing and I have developed my skills as I have gained experience and the face of marketing has changed to a digital focus and back again.  

I am a keen graphic designer and social media/digital strategist. I have a wealth of experience across all the acronyms associated with marketing – I thrive on new challenges and finding creative solutions. 

What’s your experience like, Dave?

I am a marketer with a capital M. I have been a marketer for over a decade, across a wide variety of industries and I have specifically chosen not to specialise in one particular marketing discipline as I love variety and learning new things. I have worked closely with marketing specialists and absorbed elements across all the acronyms which often seem to plague my chosen vocation. Some key achievements already in 2021 include using dedicated digital channels to increase website visits to specific pages by over 300% and reduce overall website bounce rates by 50%. 

I aim to take the nonsense and buzz words out of the process and connect with the experts I work with to gain a deeper understanding of the sector. There is no greater professional feeling than helping a company or a person to share their passion in a way that resonates with their target customers and drive engagement.  

What would your dream company and role be like?  

My dream role is with a company that embraces change, new ideas and well-being. I am a logical creative and I like to challenge the standard way of thinking and contribute to group projects to really embed myself in the business.   

Why will your dream company love having you on their team? 

I have a wide range of skillsets across all marketing disciplines – I bring passion and dedication to every role I undertake, for me it is a matter of personal pride to ensure budgets come in under allocations, projects are undertaken to the highest standards to drive sales – that is why I am your dream candidate.  

Dave is available for an immediate start. To find out more contact Reese on 03 9500 2797 or reese@brookrecruitment.com.au.

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