Melbourne offices are currently only 50% occupied and we are all now talking about how we can get our teams back into the office.

But that’s not always an easy task with so many Australian’s grown acclimatised to the flexibility of working from home. 

So how can we get people back to the office sooner than later?

Here at Brook Recruitment, we are very excited to be moving into a new office space in the coming weeks. We’re working with Raina Lodhia and Liana Piovesan, the Founders of interior design firm, Form Creative Projects, on the design for our new work-home.

And while we won’t be revealing any details for our new space today, we did ask Raina to share her perspective on how to encourage your team back into the office.

Tell us about yourself and Form Creative Projects, Raina!
Liana (the other Co-Founder) and I met while working at a fit-out company. I admired her passion for design and her flare for it – she just has this incredible eye for the intersection of beauty and function!

My genius is in business and project management. I’m very solution focused and love when a space allows it’s occupants to reach their full potential.

When we realised just how much our skill sets compliments each other, we started talking about our own venture.

And now, Form Creative Projects is about to celebrate its 3rd birthday (happy birthday, Form)!

Our speciality is in bespoke spatial workplace design to deliver an inspired alternative perspective to the client brief and wow, what a journey the last few years has been.

What’s changed in the way Australian’s use their office space?
What hasn’t! The way office spaces are used now, more often than not, is completely different to 2 years ago.

Not only that, but the purpose of the office has changed and now businesses and people are reassessing what it actually means to go to work.

This has resulted in a shift in focus of business leaders away from the traditional office design to a purposeful design to encourage employee’s behaviour in the space in alignment with what I call the 3 pillars – their business goals, their people strategy, and their business operations.

While I’m sure we are all across what business strategy and goals are, a people strategy is the recognition that every business operates differently and what the leadership team want out of their people can be very different.

Does your business want its people to innovate more? Do you want people to be at their desk? Do you want your people to collaborate more? If so, here is a tip: include some accidental meeting points with writable surfaces within your workplace! 

The workspace is actually a tool to support what behaviour business leaders want out of their people and it’s Liana and my role to ensure their workplace facilitates this.

The third factor is business operations. Some day to day processes of a business can be reflected onto the physical workplace, encouraging efficiency and more productivity. This also looks at the way people are using more technology, which allows for more flexible ways of working.

For example, does your business conduct a lot of Zoom meetings and requires a space dedicated to that now? Do you have the correct lighting for these virtual meetings? Do you want your people to be following their creative genius around the space with laptops and ipads, or to provide desktop computers for individual desks?

The future of the office space is so much larger than simply ensuring it’s safe to return to work. And everyone deserves a fantastic workplace!

How are office spaces you’re planning for future use different?
We believe some Australian office spaces will NEVER be used the same way again.


Before when we were creating a space, we would look at space and density ratios – how many people could fit per square metre.

This used to be the standard way to design an office.

But now, we are seeing spaces that enhance the user’s experience, and are focused on an activity-based design. The spaces are being defined by the business and their three pillars (that I mentioned above) as well as good acoustics and lighting that provides comfort – just to name a few factors.

Businesses are also looking to provide their employees with flexibility in both working from home and in the office. Liana and I would recommend assessing your team’s current working from home situation and ensuring they are providing an equitable workplace

What’s on the horizon that’s exciting for Form Creative?
We are expanding our client base! Liana and I are so excited to now be working with institutional landlords and creating stunningly functional spaces to attract tenants. Their requirements are different to those in the office space, so it allows us to approach our designs from a completely different and universal perspective.

Australian’s are also now placing more importance on their homes after lockdown and we are also excited about working on a number of Residential projects. 

To find out more about Form Creative Projects and the work Raina and Liana are doing, click here to visit their website.  (

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