The First Event

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By Lindsey Leigh Hobson, Marketing Manager

I remember the first time I met Vanessa Fajnkind, the CEO of Brook Recruitment.

It was during my job interview,  for the Marketing Manager role, at Brook Recruitment.  I was being incredibly picky about my next role and had turned down multiple opportunities prior but Vanessa was different.

During that first 45 minutes together, she painted a picture of a beautiful group of clients, some of which she had worked with for many years.  She wanted to run events as a way to give back to them, to say thank you.

I was blown away that firstly this is something she wanted to do, but also that it was such a major focus to her that she brought it up in my first interview.  That’s when I decided, that it was Vanessa I wanted to work with.  I wanted to be a part of that story.

Seven months on and here we are, the first event, a VIP Business Breakfast run on Thursday 27th February and we couldn’t be more excited.

We were delighted to be able to host our first event at the Shaw Contract showroom – a client we’ve been working with for eight years now, building their Marketing, Sales, and Finance teams, assisting with their company growth.

We welcomed over 30 smiling faces, early in the morning, with a beautiful array of handmade chia puddings, mini croissants, and real barista-made coffee, fresh from the coffee cart. It was the first time I had met many of our clients and it was wonderful to put faces to names.

I was privileged to MC our first event and our speakers; Rhianon from Shaw Contract, Vanessa from Brook Recruitment and guest speaker, Heidi Smith, were truly inspiring.

Heidi is a workplace strategy expert and partner at Gray Puksand, a leading Australian architecture and integrated design practice. She shared her incredible story about how her career progressed, from her first humble design to the visionary behind the Shaw Contract showroom itself.

After the event, we received so many thank you emails and messages, with words of appreciation for the morning and to Heidi for sharing her inspirational story.

Vanessa, myself and the team at Brook Recruitment wish to say thank you to everyone who came and we are excited to welcome you all to our next event in May.

For more information on the next event, email me at

By Lindsey Leigh Hobson, Marketing Manager

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