Rise of the Returnship: an untapped talent pool

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Returning to work after an extended break, for instance, maternity leave, can be a real challenge for employees. Understandably, employee confidence can wane amidst the job market and pace of technology changing so rapidly. Women returning to work after a career break face multiple challenges such as balancing work and caring commitments, a loss of confidence and the need to update skills and knowledge.

Recognising that women returning to work after a career break are an untapped resource, many forward thinking Australian companies have started to target this pool of talented employees with “returnships”. This trend has seen great success and uptake in the UK and USA and no doubt savvy Australian companies will continue to follow suit in creating similar programs.

A returnship is a program to support professionals who are looking to restart their careers after a lengthy absence from the workforce. These programs aim to support women transitioning back into the workforce after a career break of two years or more and usually last for a few weeks to a few months. They usually target professionals in mid to higher levels than say an internship.

Throughout the program, staff are given additional training and mentoring to help bring their skills up to scratch and to slowly familiarise themselves to the pace of their new work environment. Some additional benefits of a returnship program include:

  • Growing the employees network
  • Learning new skills
  • Building their resume with relevant experience
  • Getting a foothold into a leading corporate organisation

We believe programs like returnships are the way of the future and will go a long way in ensuring your company remains competitive and attracts the best candidates in the market. Some of Australia’s biggest players in the finance and professional service sectors have gotten on board with offering formal returnship programs (including, Macquarie Group’s Returner Program and Deloitte’s Return to Work) and we have noticed a growing interest coming from some of our clients to look to offer something similar to tap into this highly skilled talent pool.

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