#PlacedByBrook: Illustrious Executive Assistant at CVS Lane Capital Partners

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Great things are sometimes born over a simple cup of coffee.

At least this was the case for Hayley Fisher.

In 2016, Hayley met with Vanessa from Brook Recruitment over coffee to discuss the possibilities of her future career move. Vanessa took the time to really understand Hayley’s long term goals and desires for her next role and worked to find the perfect opportunity.

CVS Lane Capital Partners was referred to Brook Recruitment from another happy client who had loved their new team member that we placed there previously. So when they got in touch with Vanessa, she instantly thought of Hayley.

Almost four years on, CVS Lane and Hayley couldn’t be happier!

But don’t take our word for it… Hayley has shared her success story just for you below.

Hayley, tell us a little bit about CVS Lane. 
CVS Lane supports a national network of property developers by providing tailor made funding solutions across the entire capital structure. We support this through an extensive network of private investors through offering high quality property finance and investment opportunities, all supported by thorough and comprehensive due diligence.

What’s it like behind the scenes as an Executive Assistant?
Being an Executive Assistant is all about being one step ahead of your executive, so I see my role as being the support person to the founders of CVS Lane and making their day run as smoothly as possible. I aim to provide peace of mind to my executives, so that tasks will be carried out to their expectations while also being on hand to change focus, as priorities change which can be multiple times a day. 

What’s been the highlight so far during your time with CVS Lane?
One thing that I truly enjoy about working at CVS Lane, is the inclusiveness that I feel being in the team. There is a lot of transparency throughout the company and I always feel included and able to share my opinion or thoughts with management and team members. 

In addition, I enjoy the fast pace and constantly changing environment. CVS Lane has had a growth period in the past three years and it’s been exciting to have been a part of that. This growth means there is a constant workflow that is extremely varied and allows me to participate in projects throughout the entire business.

What about you? What lights you up?
I am passionate about helping other people and seeing the impact that, that can have on the greater goal. 

So Hayley, tell us about your experience being #PlacedByBrook!
I recall reaching out to Vanessa when I had decided it was time to move on from my prior role and upon meeting over coffee, I knew that she understood what I wanted my next move to be. I felt Vanessa was thoughtful in the roles she provided to me and had listened to what was important in my next role and that was culture and longevity.

The experience of being placed in a role through Brook Recruitment was really positive. Throughout the process I felt informed and was able to give honest feedback directly to Vanessa throughout my job hunt. Having now been in my role for over 3 years, Vanessa still reaches out to check in and pops by the office. This regular contact is very thoughtful and doesn’t go unnoticed, this is the detail that I am looking for in a recruitment service.

I would and have, recommended Brook Recruitment for others seeking a job. I think Brook and Vanessa have a great offering of jobs and their approach to finding the best fit works for both the candidate and the employer. 

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