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Over the last 7 years, GurnerTM have grown to be one of Melbourne’s most renowned Property Developers. Tim Gurner and his team take pride in the high calibre of innovative architects, designers, and consultants they work alongside. With a vision to create beautiful developments that stand among some of the most iconic buildings in the world, they’ve applied their unique touch of opulence and have set a new benchmark in luxurious living. 

So when GurnerTM reached out to Vanessa and the team at Brook Recruitment to fill an Office Administrator/Receptionist role, we knew the right person for the job needed style and the ability to work in an illustrious, fast-paced environment. 

Isabella had reached out to one of Brook Recruitment’s Talent Acquisition Specialists, Theresa. She had been looking for a role where she could dedicate her hard-working ethos, as well as her love for organisation. Theresa spent the time to really understand Isabella and when the role at GurnerTM became available, she instantly knew she had found the perfect fit.

Almost a year on, Isabella has become an invaluable member of the GurnerTM team. 

Here’s what Isabella has to say:

Tell us, what is a normal day like, working within the GurnerTM office and what do you love most about working there?
No two days are the same, we are a very busy, fast-paced company. There’s always something new and exciting happening in the office and with the developments. I love the variety of work and being a part of the GurnerTM team.

What about your experience, in being placed by Brook Recruitment?  Tell us a little bit about that.
My experience with Brook Recruitment was very smooth and easy.  I instantly had a connection with Theresa, who I reached out to for a job opportunity she posted.  After Theresa and Vanessa got to know me, they found the job that would suit me best and that I would really enjoy.

What did you love most about your experience with Brook Recruitment?
The friendliness, ongoing communication and relationship built between myself and the team at Brook.

Why would you recommend Brook Recruitment to other job seekers?
At Brook, the Talent Acquisition Specialists genuinely have your interests at heart and find the perfect fit for you.

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