Seek (the largest job advertising platform in Australia) is reporting that while the number of advertisements is at an all-time high for the second month in a row, job application numbers are at their lowest since 2012.

And while this boom in employment opportunities is an exciting sign that Australian business is picking back up, the staffing shortage does come with a few challenges.

So what options do Australian businesses have to make the most of the greener pastures available now while supporting their current team through this staffing shortage?

“In situations like this, a Business Owner, HR Manager, or even an Internal Recruitment Officer can have their hands tied,” says Brook Recruitment CEO, Vanessa Fajnkind, “but as a Recruitment Agency, this is where we can do our best work.”

Our team has spent many years screening candidates, and we’ve created a database of over 38,000 potential job-seekers.

Even though Seek advertisements may not be getting the results, we have built long-lasting relationships with incredible and experienced professionals all over Australia.

And while people aren’t actively applying to roles and putting their hand up to move companies, there are those out there who are innately looking for a company they can feel more emotionally connected to.

This is the number one reason people are accepting roles right now.

So what does that mean for you and your business?

“Right now, it’s all about how we represent our client’s brand and how we tell their story,” Vanessa says.

We take a high level of care to truly understand the brand, culture, values, and objectives of our clients and represent that in an authentic and compelling way.

This is something that has always been very important to our clients, and during this staffing shortage, it’s this which is getting our clients the results.

We become an extension of your team and we stay in touch with you and your new recruit long-term to ensure the placement is successful, long-term.

If you are feeling the pressure from the staffing shortage, we would love to support you as well.

Please call our team on 03 9500 2797 for a confidential discussion on the tailored service we can offer you.

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