Our guide to getting the best out of your career!

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So you’ve landed your dream job…read our top tips below on how to build up your resilience and get the best out of your career:

#1 Improve your industry knowledge

Knowledge is about building your brain bank around your sector and becoming an expert in your field. Here are some easy ways to ensure you keep on top of your industry knowledge:

  • Read the Financial Review even if it’s one article a day. For me personally, this has made a huge impact in building my industry knowledge.
  • Subscribe to one or two good websites that are in your sector and try and get across the key topics, issues and people in your company’s sector.
  • Reading books, in particular reading about a business or person that you can resonate with can be great and there are so many out there.
#2 Foster strong networks in your industry

Building a robust network is an invaluable resource. It gives you the ability to gain immediate feedback and advice, gives you valuable learning opportunities and exposure to other professionals.

  • LinkedIn has become the staple tool for professionals to stay connected with each other in a low-impact manner. Your LinkedIn profile is critical to your personal brand.
  • Attend events or networking groups within your sector. There are lots out there to get involved in. They should be in your sector and ideally in sync with your experience.
#3 Boost your skills

If you were to interview the most successful people in the world today, there is a common denominator: they say they are always learning.

  • Read, Read, Read. Books are an incredible resource to open your mind and your soul.
  • Do a short course online. There is a myriad of courses – both certified and offline. Do your research and find a course that’s right for you.
  • When you’re with other people, especially people with skills that you want to have, listen. Ask them about themselves, show your interest in them by listening to their dialogue and ask genuine and relevant questions.
#4 Develop the ability to overcome challenges

Your ability to overcome challenges so that they don’t derail your day or your week is something every employer looks for. There is seldom a day where you won’t experience pressure in the professional world.

We have a saying a Brook and I believe this is true for everyone in business: keep moving forward. Focus on the positive, label your emotion, own it and then move on.

#5 Find your mentors – surround yourself with people that inspire you

A mentor will give you access to a wealth of knowledge that you may not get access to in your job. A mentor can help elevate you from the daily grind and keep you focused on working toward your dream job.

For some people, they stumble upon a great mentor along their career, but for most people you need to find someone you respect and ask for their guidance. Take your time before you take up any of their time. Be clear about why you are engaging this mentor.

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