The importance of millennials in the workplace

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Millennials, just like any generation, have a unique set of skills and expectations that are the result of the era they grew up in. These younger candidates now make up one fifth of the Australian population and are poised to make up the bulk of the workforce in the coming years. With this in mind, we outline the benefits of hiring them and how you can best attract them to your business.

#1 Fresh perspective

New, young employees bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to the workplace – take advantage of their enthusiasm and positive energy! Their awareness of current trends can bring about new innovation, technology or processes to your organisation, turning traditional business operations on their head and helping your business grow.

#2 Tech savvy

They are digital natives and fast and fluent with technology – from everything from internet research to business software and social media. Their eagerness to adopt the newest gadget and technologies makes them extremely valuable team members for employers in today’s quickly evolving world and will prove a great asset for businesses trying to push digital boundaries.

#3 Hard working

Despite the myriad of myths surrounding millennials, our experience has found that they are hard working, well educated and well connected candidates. They are ambitious and hungry to learn and succeed. In the ever changing marketplace, it pays to attract and retain these candidates and the benefits they can bring to your business.

How can you attract this talent?

#1 Cultural shift

Culture is still paramount in attracting and retaining the best candidates. The culture of your company should be welcoming to millennials and offer a workplace culture that can adapt and grow with them and their career. Establishing a positive company culture, one that encourages work-life balance and flexibility is also key to attracting the top talent.

#2 Learning and career development

This generation of employees are keen on career opportunities that provide career growth and development, which is why training and career development is a top desire when they are seeking a new job. Engage them early and often, implement training programs, mentorships, and team building courses. By showing them that you are invested in their futures, you are more likely to inspire them to invest in your business as well.

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