How to power through work this winter

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When you live in Melbourne, you learn to love having every season in one day. And while every hour is different, we do experience an overarching biorhythm to the year that’s brought on by the changing seasons.

In summer, we love getting out and making the most of the warm weather. Great friends, fun activities, and bright summer beats.

But in winter, our energy levels lower and we begin to look forward to a night on the couch under a blanket with our loved ones.

The daylight hours are shorter, and before you know it the winter blues can easily creep in and bring us down. And with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD’s) impacting over one in three hundred Australians each year, it’s imperative we take care of ourselves in winter.

And since we spend such a large portion of our total waking hours at work, or motivational levels can easily wane and the hours can begin to drag.

Keeping your motivation levels high at work can be tricky. But rest assured! With a healthy mind and body, you can power through this winter. Here’s what we recommend.

    1. Start your morning with meditation
      Start every morning with a short 5–10-minute meditation. Some of the team at Brook have been using an app called Beditations. Meditation helps you visualize what you want, and the things you’re most grateful for and brings a sense of calm to the body.
    2. Get more sleep
      The scientific benefits of sleep are innumerable. Studies suggest that for the most health benefits, you should get at least 7 to 7½ hours of sleep a night. (success.com). More sleep equates to more happiness, better health and improved decision-making. Not to mention that it detoxes the brain. In order to do your best work, it’s critical to constantly recharge your batteries.
    3. Fresh Air and Podcasting
      One of the best practices to reset your mindset on the go is to go out, get some fresh air, and listen to a podcast. This helps to stimulate and rest your brain. But for best results listen to something non-business-related! Try a little health or mindfulness, such as Bulletproof Radio and Buddhist Geeks. (Matt Wilson, Under30Experiences)
    4. Get A Plant
      Studies have found that plants in offices increase happiness and productivity (the guardian). The study found they can increase productivity by 15% and by bringing the outdoors in, you can get a little closer to nature and freshen your mood.
    5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
      Each day brings a new set of hurdles to overcome. Instead of getting frustrated by these, learn to enjoy the ride and take thingstake as they come. One way to do this is to practice being present and living in the moment, rather than getting caught up in the stresses of the past or future. Being present allows you to focus on problem solving rather than the problem itself. (Forbes)
    6. Learn Something New
      Feeling a little uninspired at work? Challenge yourself to learn new skills. Talk to your manager to find ways that you can get involved in other areas of the business. Take a short course or even listed to a TED talk. Taking the time to learn new skills and take on new tasks at work can improve feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

By implementing these simple tricks this season, you can flip the switch on your winter experience and make this winter at your work place your best one yet!

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