How to get the most out of Event Sponsorship Opportunities

While BROOK Recruitment is in the employment business, we’re also a small business trying to capitalise on Marketing opportunities we see fit to help grow our name.

We were recently offered an opportunity to be the only sponsor for a Ladies in Property VIP luncheon and we went through an internal process to decide if it was the right opportunity for our business. We’d love to share the process with you.

Businesses are often faced with event sponsorship opportunities from events to conferences and even local sporting clubs, and before you jump to a decision here are a few pointers of things we recommend thinking about along the way.

Before you agree to the opportunity, you should consider: 


The number one, most important element, before anything else – is the right fit. Do your businesses align in values, ideals, and shared client types? Even if you have the change to sponsor something that has a ‘cool’ name or a famous personality involved, if the fit it not there with your business and clients, then it’s unlikely to support your business goals.



Which brings us to the next point, what is your goal for sponsoring this opportunity? Do you want to lift brand awareness, gain a specific number of clients, obtain names for a database, make sales or something else? Set your very clear SMART goals before you agree to sponsorship and be clear with the company you are working with. If, for example, your goal is to build your database, then make sure you will in fact have access to a database before/after the event.



Naturally, work out if the budget matches your goals. If, for instance, you want to get 1 x client out of the opportunity, then what’s your typical client acquisition cost and does this match that the sponsorship budget?


Once you have agreed to sponsorship, make sure you do everything you can to maximise the opportunity, this includes: 


Start talking about the event early, tag as many people and businesses as you can and start building the narrative. It’s great to share with your audience WHY you think this is a good fit for them and you. It’s ok to ask the company you are sponsoring to tag you in all communication so you can share their posts too. After the event, post pictures and tag all the people who attended.



Can you create any additional marketing collateral or send our specific digital marketing initiatives to enhance the opportunity? A pull up banner, business cards, specifically created 1-page A5 cards to distribute in showbags or on tables and so on.


On the day, if your sponsorship has been communicated clearly, people will want to talk to you and learn more about your business. Make sure you work the room and connect. And then, of course, follow up!

Ultimately, sponsorship is another marketing activity you have in your toolkit and if used correctly can be a positive, personal experience with prospective new clients and your industry.

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