Frock-up this October!

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Brook Recruitment is proud to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) by spreading the message about the OCRF’s 2017 Frocktober campaign.

Throughout October, the Frocktober campaign invites women to band together and don their most darling dresses and have a bit of fun while raising funds for the OCRF.

Frocktober empowers women of all backgrounds, lifestyles and fabulous fashion senses to support a common cause: ovarian cancer research. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded women, share personal experiences, and play a pivotal role in the journey towards an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Frocktober is an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate your own style
  • Appreciate the joy in life and make the most of it
  • Contribute to an important cause affecting women

For a day, a week or the whole month, something as simple as the clothes you wear can start important conversations, raising awareness of the lack of early detection test and of how we as a community can do more to support ovarian cancer research.

A bit more about the OCRF

One woman dies every ten hours in Australia from ovarian cancer.

It’s a painful statistic and one we are working hard to change.

Each year, around 1500 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, making it the ninth most common form of cancer in the country. Without an effective early detection method, women who are diagnosed are faced with a huge challenge. Unlike breast and other more common cancers, ovarian cancer has a very poor survival rate. Currently, only around 20-25% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the advanced stages survive beyond five years. The key goal of the OCRF is to develop and implement an early detection test for ovarian cancer. Because symptoms are often vague, or don’t present at all, an early detection method is the only reliable way to improve women’s chances of survival. With an early detection test, the chance of survival moves towards 90%.

How do i get involved?

You can now register as a Frocktober fundraiser for just $25 at This year the OCRF has exciting new support packs to help you with your fundraising efforts.

There is also the opportunity to upgrade to the Premium Frocktober Supporter pack for $65, which includes:

  • An exclusive Review Gift Card to the value of $50 for the first 500 registrations
  • Exclusive GO-TO Cosmetics for the first 500 registrations
  • Frocktober drink bottle

We look forward to following your Frocktober journey for 2017 on #Frocktober2017!

If you have any questions or fundraising ideas please do not hesitate to contact


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