10 signs your suffering from burnout

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It’s 2017, a fresh year has begun. It’s a new page, a new beginning, a new start! So you’re feeling refreshed, right? Ready to face the year head-on? Sadly, many Aussie’s are already feeling burnt-out. Don’t confuse burnout with stress. ‘Burnout is a result of stress accumulated over long-term involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding. It can be caused by a combination of enduring situational stressors, high expectations and feelings of pressure. It is a miserable state of existence and can impact life at home, work and leisure.’ (Australian Psychology Society)

Burnout costs the global economy US$300 billion a year (Bretland and Thorenstien).

In 2015, absenteeism and low work engagement – both common symptoms of burnout – cost the Australian economy an estimated $12 million. Which means, if a business employs between 100 and 1,000 people, burnout could be costing them as much as $100,000 a year. (Lang, 2015.)

According to the Australian Psychology Association warning signs of burnout include:

  1. Temper tantrums over trivial matters.
  2. Feeling guilty for resting, doing pleasurable things.
  3. Feelings of hopelessness.
  4. Difficulty in making decisions or staying focused.
  5. A growing tendency to think negatively.
  6. A loss of sense of purpose and energy.
  7. Imbalance between work, family, play, hobbies.
  8. Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.
  9. A general sense of running on empty.
  10. Muscle tension, headache, backache, tiredness.

If you’re experiencing burn-out Reachout Australia recommend:

  1. Slow down and force yourself to take a break
  2. Reach out for support, whether that’s from friends and family, colleagues, or a health professional
  3. Re-evaluate your goals and priorities, so that you tip the balance back to including activities that provide you with happiness


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