A day in the life of Emma Lindell from property powerhouse ICD Property

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Emma is the Executive Assistant (EA) to the Directors and has held various Senior EA roles at companies across the infrastructure, oil and gas, and security industries. Emma gained her Bachelor Degree in Management in Scotland. A highlight of her career so far is coming runner up in The Executive PA Magazine Awards ‘PA of the Year’ award in 2014.

We sat down with Emma to ask her how she’s getting on in her current role at ICD Property, now that she’s well and truly settled in.

What attracted you to your current role and working within the Property Development industry?

I have always been interested in Property Development and my family have a large commercial Property Development business in Scotland.  ICD Property was offering me the opportunity to learn more about the industry in Australia and also work closely with the Board, which is based in China. My role involves working with the Directors – three inspiring and creative people who bring out the best in their team.

 What’s your favourite thing about working for ICD Property?

The best thing about working for ICD Property is the culture.  The people I work with are kind, caring and passionate about the company and its success. There is so much variety in the day to day tasks. Working for the Directors certainly, keeps things interesting and makes you think outside the square for solutions.

What sets ICD Property apart from others in the industry?

ICD Property is people focused.  The Directors ensure their staff are happy and help them achieve their dreams.  They want people to be passionate about what they do.  When developing property they consider the residents that will occupy the apartments, which was shown recently with the completion of Eq. Tower in Melbourne’s CBD.  The industry standard for communal space is two percent but ICD Property created 6 percent for the enjoyment of the residents.  The Eq. Tower development has proven to be so outstanding it sold 634 apartments over 65 levels in less than 240 days.

What makes the team at ICD Property different to others in the industry?

The team at ICD Property are like family.  They look out for one another, help each other with deadlines and goals and generally support one another. It makes us happy to come to work every day.

What’s your favourite part of your current role?

By far it is the people, my bosses and the variety of work.  My boss allows me to take on additional projects and supports me in everything I do.  It is a fast paced work environment but we all love what we do.

How did you land your current role? Did you approach this application any differently to others in the past?

I was approached for this role and although I wasn’t looking for a new job at the time I went along to meet the team at ICD Property.  I was intrigued by their business approach and ambition.  In my interview, I offered to learn Mandarin alongside my boss who is also studying the language.  By speaking Mandarin I will be able to converse with our Board in China.  It also gives me the opportunity to broaden my skill set as an EA.  I have learnt about lots of new technology and a different way of ‘upgrading’ myself since I started at ICD Property last year.

What’s your mantra for achieving success?

I believe in hard work to achieve success.  Nothing comes easily but if you work hard, have good business ethics and are happy in the workplace you will go far. 

 See Emma’s LinkedIn profile here.

Read more about ICD Property here.


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