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Behind The Confusion

posted by Lindsey Hobson 12/05/2020 0 comments

Daniel Andrews has revealed that the Australian Unemployment Rate is nearing the 10% mark, 3% more than average.

With so many Australians out of work and on the hunt for new employment, why don’t Melbourne companies have their pick of the lot?

The industries that have largely had to close their doors and cut hours during this time include hospitality and retail, where casual employment levels are high.

When the worst should happen, a large percentage of the 10% unemployment rate are made up of casuals, entry-level roles, students, those yet to complete qualifications and those who have just started their employment.

On top of that, the number of senior-level individuals who are completing job searches online has dropped.

“People are not as inclined to risk secure employment right now” says Brook Recruitment CEO, Vanessa Fajnkind. “There’s enough uncertainty in the world as it is, so high-level employees are standing firm right now. “

“With that being said, we are securing some incredible candidates for our clients through our network” says Vanessa “and all of our clients who were able to give a Letter of Employment prior to or during COVID-19 have been able to start their new employees remotely.”

This is an absolute testament to the resilience and drive of our clients, who have pushed through the difficulties that have arisen during this crisis and continued to thrive.

The tide does appear to be changing after this week’s announcement about relaxing restrictions.

While there is still some hesitation for the month of May, it appears Melbourne businesses are switching gears and are starting to look at strategies to begin gearing up their workforce for June. The trends we are seeing in our clients include a two-stage return to work strategy, implementing safe distances between work stations, and creating a COVID-19 safe working environment with new cleaning standards.

We are seeing an increase in enquiries for employing temps to start at the end of May, as well as Senior Marketing Managers, Property Sales, and Accounting Professionals are all in demand.

If you have any questions around whether this is the right time for you to be moving forward with your next hire, contact our office on 03 9500 2797.


5 Tips To Help You Find Employment Quickly

posted by Lindsey Hobson 16/04/2020 0 comments

After the free online event we ran last week Get Hired! How To Find Employment During COVID-19, we were blown away with the incredible feedback and the wave of gratitude from job seekers all around Melbourne. Beyond that, it opened the door to so many more questions from candidates, such as…

“I’ve had tonnes of interviews, so why haven’t I been successful?” 

… and…

“I’ve applied for over 100 jobs and I never heard back. What am I doing wrong?”

We’ve heard you Melbourne! 

We are working on something for you as we speak and we will let you know about it in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, why not spend this time wisely? Below are our 5 tips that’ll give you the best shot possible at finding employment as quickly as possible.

1. Get clear on your career objectives

If you aren’t already clear on what your career objectives are, now is the perfect time to reflect on what the next step for you is and why. Spend some time finding a way to clearly communicate this in a sentence. Recruiters and potential employers love a clear objection statement because it helps them quickly identify what you’re looking for and how they can best help you.

2. Set up job alerts

Job sites like Seek have the ability to email you daily job alerts based off your criteria. Wherever you can, ensure you create these job alerts so each morning all you need to do is check your inbox!

Not every job site has this ability, so we recommend to set yourself an alarm each day to check each site systematically for the latest updates. Make sure our website is one of them because we post new opportunities regularly!

3. Update your resume

Now you have your new career objectives, add it to your resume. Besides, it’s surprising how quickly your resume can become out of date, so spend a day updating it and take the time with your layout, grammar and readability. It’s surprising how much these little things can make your resume stand out from all the others – and maybe not for the better!

4. Clean up your social media profiles

It’s true what they say – many recruiters and potential employers will visit your social media profiles as part of their overallassessment of your application. Take this time to ensure the information you can see publicly is work-appropriate. This includes profile pictures and cover images. Your LinkedIn headline is a great place for your career objective as well!

5. Up-skill!

We know these things will only take up so much time and we know job seekers are looking for ways to strengthen their applications, so why not up-skill? There are always new and exciting online courses being released every week.

Besides, you never know what we are working on for you right now…


Free Online Event For Job Seekers

posted by Lindsey Hobson 02/04/2020 0 comments

As the economy and our ability to work is continued to be impacted by COVID-19, the number of individuals looking for employment rapidly grows and those who are lucky enough to have kept their jobs are feeling the tension as they worry about whether they’ll be the next to go.

This means competition out there is tough – we’ve definitely noticed a massive increase in the number of applications for work coming through our site!

That’s why our team is coming together, as your panel of experts, in this free online event to help you cut through the competition, stand out and find the right employment quickly!

Together, we’ll cover:

  • The word on the street – what we’ve learned from talking to hundreds of Melbourne companiesduring this time and what we predict you can expect in the future
  • Our top tips to make your application stand out amongst the crowd
  • The interview bible, including the DO’s and DON’Ts that we all forget sometimes 

Our Panel of Experts:

Vanessa Fajnkind
CEO of Brook Recruitment

Vanessa founded Brook Recruitment back in 2006 after spending 15 years working for some of the biggest recruitment agencies in Australia.

Theresa Provost
Specialist in Temp Roles, Admin & Marketing

Theresa studied Business Administration in the USA and project and programme management after relocating here 5 years ago.

Richard Griffin
Specialist in Property, Construction & Finance

Incredibly perceptive and very personable, Richard brings over 10 years’ Property and Construction experience to the team.

12 noon – 1pm
Thursday 9th April
Online Zoom Call
FREE to join!

Facilitated by Marketing Manager, Lindsey Leigh Hobson, we truly believe if we all come together now, that we will be able to successfully come out the other side stronger.



posted by Lindsey Hobson 31/03/2020 0 comments

The number of clients who have reached out to us already during this time has been incredible, and we’ve been so grateful to work with them to create effective recruiting, team, and HR strategies. 

And now it’s time for us to provide even more support to you as business owners, and those who are responsible for the employment of others.

We’ve asked our friend Dan Feldman, Managing Partner at HR Legal, to join us in an online discussion group to break down your HR requirements during this time, methods to retain and onboard new staff, and together as a group create strategies for what happens next in your business.

Together, we’ll cover:

  • HR and employment obligations during this time
  • Different methods to retain and onboard new staff during this time
  • Your HR strategy and tactics moving forward
10am – 11am, Friday 3rd April
Online ZOOM Call
FREE to join!

Facilitated by Vanessa Fajnkind and Lindsey Leigh Hobson, we truly believe if we all come together now, that we will be able to successfully come out the other side stronger.

To join us, email


How we can support you through COVID-19

posted by Lindsey Hobson 19/03/2020 0 comments
Good Afternoon,

I sat down with the team at Brook Recruitment earlier this week and reflected on current circumstances in relation to COVID-19. We are monitoring the situation very carefully and for now, our office will remain open with flexible work arrangements available for the team.

With that said, they arrive at the office with smiling faces each day, ready to help you. Their resilience and commitment to all of our clients and candidates has blown me away.

While there are some big questions in the world right now with very few answers, this constant flux is bringing around a new norm for the foreseeable future.  This means businesses like yours and mine are looking for new strategies to support one another during this time.

Here are a number of different ways we can immediately support you, your team and your business:
Virtual TEMP support in alignment with your flexible work arrangements
We are running virtual interviews and offering virtual support where required. If this works for us and so many Australian businesses then it could work for you too. Ask us how we can help you set up virtual support in your business, in alignment with your flexible work arrangements.

 Flexible start dates
If your business has the need for a new team member but you aren’t sure when the dust will settle, we will continue our search for the right person who has flexibility around the start date, while the situation continues to evolve and unfold. 

 In-house TEMP and casual staff
Maybe your office is staying open but you are short-staffed during these uncertain times? We have qualified, professional, and hard-working pool of temporary and casual staff who are ready to jump into your business, on-site, exactly where it’s needed.

 Specialist online discussion groups 
We are looking to facilitate virtual round tables with up to 10 business owners and people in authoritative positions in each – all 100% relevant to each other so we can problem solve how to overcome the challenges we face as individual businesses, together. The first is to be held on Wednesday the 25th of March in the morning. Exact time to be confirmed. Please email Lindsey if you are interested in joining.

 Career coaching
We recognise this time is difficult for everyone. With over 30 years’ combined career and recruitment experience, and a qualified coach amongst the ranks, we are making ourselves available for anyone who is in need of reliable, third-party support and advice during this time. For your confidential chat, call 03 9500 2797.

 Support for team leaders, managers, and candidates
Amongst it all, we feel it’s valuable that you know you have a reliable and safe place to get help with your team, recruiting and HR requirements. At any time you can pick up the phone and call me personally on 0413 886 239. 
As each day brings new changes, we will continue to evolve to ensure we provide the best support to you during this time. 

Best Regards,
Vanessa Fajnkind
CEO Brook Recruitment
0413 886 239 | 03 9500 2797

3 tips to keep your business healthy!

posted by Lindsey Hobson 18/03/2020 0 comments

We’re living in uncertain times with the recent COVID-19 global outbreak.

With over 95% of all Australian businesses comprises of small business, it’s important we all keep moving forward as much as possible. So here are our 3 tips to keep your business healthy during this time.

1. Encourage unwell team members to stay home

It is recommended that individuals with symptoms of illness stay home from work and consider social-distancing. Ensure you have policies and procedures in place to allow employees who are unwell to take adequate leave for rest and recovery.

2. Implement flexible working arrangments

For team members who are feeling more cautious about the times at hand, implement flexible working arrangements. This allows your team to have control over their circumstances and environment, while ensuring business can continue as much as possible.

3. Keep it clean

Encourage a clean and tidy workplace to help reduce the survival and spread of cold and flu viruses. Used tissues should be placed directly into a bin and not left on desks. Supply cleaning products or have cleaning staff to ensure that frequently touched surfaces are wiped down using either detergent or an alcohol wipe on a regular basis.

Above all else, remember your mental health during this time.

Your mind dictates so much in your life, and it’s one of the first things we forget to keep healthy when crisis hits.

Limit your exposure to the media, spend time with people who make you feel uplifted, and take time to spend with yourself. We’re all in this together and it’s important we support each other during this time.


Building a Team with Insitu Group

posted by Lindsey Hobson 12/03/2020 0 comments

We love working with our clients in Construction.

After all, Melbourne is an ever-evolving city and to be able to find the right people to work in the companies that are literally building, is something incredibly special. Insitu Group is part of that vision.

A few months ago prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, we sat down with Ray Tesoriero, the Financial Controller of Insitu Group. We’ve been working with Ray for the past 5 years, helping him to build his dream team.

Watch the video for a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of Melbourne Construction as it was, and to find out first hand what it’s like to build a team with our help.

For more information on employing the right people for your construction business, call 03 9500 2797 or email


Top Candidates February

posted by Lindsey Hobson 19/02/2020 0 comments

The right people in your business can be the difference between achieving your goals or not.

We get it!

That’s why each month we hand pick Melbourne’s best of the best for our Top Candidates. So who do we have for you this month?


Beneath Megan’s bright and bubbly personality is a driven and focused professional with years of Customer Service, Sales and Events experience.

During her time working in one of the UK’s most renowned 5-star hotels, Megan developed a high attention to detail, ability to plan and sell effectively, as well as a high level of customer service.

Now, Megan is looking to use her skills in an Admin or Reception Temp position within a fast-paced environment and she is available to start immediately.

Call 03 9500 2797 or email to find out more about Megan.



As an Executive Assistant, Sandra understood the mental and physical well-being of her Directors was just as important as ensuring they were professionally on track.

Sandra has successfully proven to assist in the day-to-day coordination, financial tracking, and management of business operational activities to ensure a smooth delivery over her 12 years of experience.

Call 03 9500 2797 or email to find out more about Sandra. 



With over 5 years’ experience in face-to-face customer service roles, Stephanie has established deep values in positively reflecting company image through her exceptional customer service.

A strong passion to contribute, support and make a difference, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Stephanie is eagerly seeking a long-term role in the Corporate world.

Call 03 9500 2797 or email to find out more about Stephanie.


#PlacedByBrook: Illustrious Executive Assistant at CVS Lane Capital Partners

posted by Lindsey Hobson 28/01/2020 0 comments

Great things are sometimes born over a simple cup of coffee.

At least this was the case for Hayley Fisher.

In 2016, Hayley met with Vanessa from Brook Recruitment over coffee to discuss the possibilities of her future career move. Vanessa took the time to really understand Hayley’s long term goals and desires for her next role and worked to find the perfect opportunity.

CVS Lane Capital Partners was referred to Brook Recruitment from another happy client who had loved their new team member that we placed there previously. So when they got in touch with Vanessa, she instantly thought of Hayley.

Almost four years on, CVS Lane and Hayley couldn’t be happier!

But don’t take our word for it… Hayley has shared her success story just for you below.

Hayley, tell us a little bit about CVS Lane. 
CVS Lane supports a national network of property developers by providing tailor made funding solutions across the entire capital structure. We support this through an extensive network of private investors through offering high quality property finance and investment opportunities, all supported by thorough and comprehensive due diligence.

What’s it like behind the scenes as an Executive Assistant?
Being an Executive Assistant is all about being one step ahead of your executive, so I see my role as being the support person to the founders of CVS Lane and making their day run as smoothly as possible. I aim to provide peace of mind to my executives, so that tasks will be carried out to their expectations while also being on hand to change focus, as priorities change which can be multiple times a day. 

What’s been the highlight so far during your time with CVS Lane?
One thing that I truly enjoy about working at CVS Lane, is the inclusiveness that I feel being in the team. There is a lot of transparency throughout the company and I always feel included and able to share my opinion or thoughts with management and team members. 

In addition, I enjoy the fast pace and constantly changing environment. CVS Lane has had a growth period in the past three years and it’s been exciting to have been a part of that. This growth means there is a constant workflow that is extremely varied and allows me to participate in projects throughout the entire business.

What about you? What lights you up?
I am passionate about helping other people and seeing the impact that, that can have on the greater goal. 

So Hayley, tell us about your experience being #PlacedByBrook!
I recall reaching out to Vanessa when I had decided it was time to move on from my prior role and upon meeting over coffee, I knew that she understood what I wanted my next move to be. I felt Vanessa was thoughtful in the roles she provided to me and had listened to what was important in my next role and that was culture and longevity.

The experience of being placed in a role through Brook Recruitment was really positive. Throughout the process I felt informed and was able to give honest feedback directly to Vanessa throughout my job hunt. Having now been in my role for over 3 years, Vanessa still reaches out to check in and pops by the office. This regular contact is very thoughtful and doesn’t go unnoticed, this is the detail that I am looking for in a recruitment service.

I would and have, recommended Brook Recruitment for others seeking a job. I think Brook and Vanessa have a great offering of jobs and their approach to finding the best fit works for both the candidate and the employer. 


Behind the Scenes with Property Advisor, Greville Pabst

posted by Lindsey Hobson 16/01/2020 0 comments

Leading property expert, Greville Pabst, believes all Australians should be equipped to make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling property.

After founding one of Australia’s largest property valuation companies and staring as the long-standing Auctioneer on the popular channel nine show, The Block, Greville begun Greville Pabst Property Advisory.

Success has come from clever navigation of this dynamic industry, and Greville hasn’t always enjoyed smooth sailing.

Watch the video by clicking the play button above.

You can learn more about Greville by clicking here:

This month, he sits down with Brook Recruitment CEO, Vanessa Fajnkind. Watch the interview to find out how Greville built his success and the powerful property insights that only an experienced industry professional could glimpse.

For more information on employing the right people in your property industry, call 03 9500 2797 or email

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