Behind the Scenes with Property Advisor, Greville Pabst

posted by Lindsey Hobson 16/01/2020 0 comments

Leading property expert, Greville Pabst, believes all Australians should be equipped to make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling property.

After founding one of Australia’s largest property valuation companies and staring as the long-standing Auctioneer on the popular channel nine show, The Block, Greville begun Greville Pabst Property Advisory.

Success has come from clever navigation of this dynamic industry, and Greville hasn’t always enjoyed smooth sailing.

Watch the video by clicking the play button above.

You can learn more about Greville by clicking here: https://grevillepabst.com.au/services/buying/

This month, he sits down with Brook Recruitment CEO, Vanessa Fajnkind. Watch the interview to find out how Greville built his success and the powerful property insights that only an experienced industry professional could glimpse.

For more information on employing the right people in your property industry, call 03 9500 2797 or email connect@brookrecruitment.com.au

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