How to avoid desktop chaos!

posted by Suzi Sarkis 06/08/2017 0 comments

A typical work week for almost everyone out there is around 40 hours. So when it comes to your online workspace, it’s extremely important (and necessary) to create an environment that is functional yet motivating to be in front of for that amount of time per week!

File away

Create a strategy for your virtual filing that works for you and stick to it. For example, I use the Xero app to scan all my receipts and store them.


Get rid of everything on your desktop! I know people with desktop’s covered in icons. It’s not an efficient filing system. You always think you’ll come back to it and file it away but you won’t.

Pin-it or Tag-it

Seen an article online that you want to read later? Or an image you want to include in your next presentation? Use apps like Pinterest to create visual inspiration boards, or Pocket to tag an article to read later.

Get appy

There are a myriad of apps out on the market to help you stay organised. Here are 3 of our favs:

Google Now

It’s not a surprise to see the godfather of search engines wading into the digital assistant arena. Customise the app to keep you on track on the latest birthdays, weather, urgent emails or breaking scores from your football team.


Drop your files into this Cloud-based app and access it anywhere, saving you the chore of manually transferring photos and documents across devices. Convenient for business and pleasure, the dropbox is perfect for the balancing act your life requires.


Evernote is essential for the notetaker. This app has strong search capabilities, acting as a secure pad for all your scribbles and jottings for passwords, website clippings and audio notes. Best of all, Evernote syncs between devices to keep your thoughts flowing across tablet or phone.


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