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The Brook Buzz – Finding Inspiration In 2020

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We’ve heard lots of words used to describe 2020. All we will say is interesting times call for inspiring measures!

We asked each member of the Brook Recruitment team how they’ve been staying positive and finding inspiration in 2020.

CEO and Founder

What’s been the biggest change for you during lockdown?
The balance between work, family and exercising. Without all the rushing around I am finding more time to fit a walk in everyday and spend with my kids during breaks and after my work day. 

There is always a silver-lining! What’s been your blessing in disguise?
I think the silver lining has been taking a pause from the hustle of life and taking time to read, write and get some of those things that have been on my to do list for years finally ticked off! Saying that, learning Spanish might be on that list for a few more years at least!

What’s something you are really excited about post-lockdown?
After this change of pace I am looking forward to getting back to a bit of the excitement of life going out for a beautiful dinner with friends, getting dressed up, going to Sydney see my family and friends, and seeing my team and having those rooftop drinks we have promised ourselves!

Which books, podcasts, documentaries, influencers and the like have you nourished your mind with to stay inspired and positive throughout it all?
I have just finished Claire Bowditch’s memoir “Your own kind of girl” and are currently reading a great book “The Education of An Idealist” by Samantha Power – she’s an inspiring women who was a US ambassador to the UN. I also recently listened to Tim Ferris (Tools of the Titans Podcast) interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray,Love and Jamie Foxx – what a fun and inspiring man! 

TEMP, Marketing, Admin & Entry Roles

What’s been the biggest change for you during lockdown?
Exercising!  When lockdown first started in March, a friend and I started working out every morning since.  We have never worked out in a gym except for the first 3 days, then the gyms closed. 

There is always a silver-lining! What’s been your blessing in disguise?
The blessing in disguise is definitely not commuting to work every day.  It normally takes me 25-35 minutes to drive 6km to and from work.  That extra hour + a day is very well spent with exercise and more time walking and going to the park with my partner and dog. 

What’s something you are really excited about post-lockdown?
TRAVEL!!!!  I can’t wait to get out of Victoria! Ben (partner) and I have a road trip planned from Cairns to Coffs Harbour for Xmas so we can finally go scuba diving and camping and to as many pubs as possible, of course! Fingers crossed we can get there for the holiday break this year!

Which books, podcasts, documentaries, influencers and the like have you nourished your mind with to stay inspired and positive throughout it all?
I have always listened to podcasts regularly, some of my favs are, RadioLab, Throughline, The Anthropocene Reviewed, Reply All, Making Sense, Rough Translation, and 99% invisible. — but since lockdown started, I have definitely binged a few series!  I watched all of Big Bang Theory, all of Homeland, and I am working on Suits now!  Not overly proud of it, but I honestly ran out of podcasts!

Senior Property, Construction & Finance Roles

What’s been the biggest change for you during lockdown?
I have managed to re-assess my time management between work, family and fitness.  I wake up early now and I was not a morning person, I was a night owl.  I sleep for 6 hours now, not 8 or 9, I wake up and exercise for an hour, have breakfast, get my daughter ready for childcare and drop her off, all before sitting down to start my workday. 

There is always a silver lining! What’s been your blessing in disguise?
Adjusting to working from home, with the magic of Zoom we can spend more time with each of our candidates than we were able to face-to-face at the office.  This also means candidates no longer have parking troubles, just the odd technical issue, as we all battle to max out our internet’s service and video quality.

What’s something you are really excited about post-lockdown?
Venturing further than 5km, so that I can get more done around the house, not to mention heading to a winery for a degustation or even a holiday if we are going all-out.

Which books, podcasts, documentaries, influencers and the like have you nourished your mind with to stay inspired and positive throughout it all?
COVID has actually been a game-changer for me and I am fortunate enough to still be working.  I stumbled across some videos that have completely flipped my mentality on how I should be living my life every day and they have refocused me and my goals.  Noteworthy YouTube channels being; MulliganBrothers, Motiversity & MotivationHub.

Accounting, Finance
and Legal Roles

What’s been the biggest change for you during lockdown?
Coming up with ways to entertain a 2 year old and an 8 month old. I’m sure many of us with children have found lockdown quiet challenging to adjust to whilst managing work from home, home duties, and for those of us lucky enough finding even 10 minutes for ourselves. I’m happy to share with you all, I’m still alive! 

There is always a silver lining! What’s been your blessing in disguise?
My silver-lining, time has flown for me. I can’t believe it’s October! Bring on summer and 2021! 
I also have a better appreciation for being in the office, I don’t think I’ll ever take that for granted ever again! But I also have to say that, it’s amazing to see and hear about how most of us have been able to adapt, looking at it from an instinctive and biological perspective and how those attributes have spilled over to how business is being ran these days. It has been difficult, but it certainly has made us think out-side the box and come up with new ways on how we conduct business. 

What’s something you are really excited about post-lockdown?
Human interaction outside of my home and summer.

Which books, podcasts, documentaries, influencers and the like have you nourished your mind with to stay inspired and positive throughout it all?
I’m currently, reading Negotiate This! by Herb Cohen. Great book, as it has great insight and tips on how to negotiate, that spills over to everything from business to even negotiating with kids! My 2-year-old has gotten me most of time, in the past she’s always had the upper hand, but I’ve now got a few cards up my sleeves.
As for documentaries, The Social Dilemma on Netflix, I thought, was quiet eye opening. What I enjoyed about the documentary, is that it allows for one to take inventory of how one uses social media and think twice about the information we are being exposed to and are putting out. 

Lindsey Leigh
Marketing Manager

What’s been the biggest change for you during lockdown?
The amount I can do at once! I’m someone who takes life one million miles an hour. The efficiency of working from home – no driving around, no preparing to leave the house, no plotting the most efficient order to run errands in, no forgetting things and having to go home again (typical me), no being late (also typical me) – has allowed me to do so much more.

There is always a silver lining! What’s been your blessing in disguise?
Lockdown, in essence, has been a form of sensory deprivation. This means we have all had a lot more space to evaluate some of life’s bigger questions and why we are doing what we are doing. The silver lining of this for me is being able to re-evaluate and realign everything I do with my own personal “big picture”.

What’s something you are really excited about post-lockdown?
Three little words. Parma and cider. In a beer garden. On a warm day with my closest friends and some great tunes… That’s nineteen words, but they’re worth it!

Which books, podcasts, documentaries, influencers and the like have you nourished your mind with to stay inspired and positive throughout it all?
I’m an enthusiast for this and I have two incredible Coaches/Mentors I’m blessed to be personally working with – Sophie Musumeci and Leanne Christie. I recently participated in the Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins’ challenge and actively follow these guys. Grace Lever from time to time… Everything from Frank Kern… Ok, I’ll stop now.

Top Candidate - Passional People and Culture Professional

Top Candidate – People and Culture Professional

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Working remotely in Melbourne has posed some interesting challenges for teams and the individuals in them.

We have just the Top Candidate to rekindle, reconnect and unite your team through this world pandemic and beyond! Jazmine is an experienced and passionate People and Culture Professional who is looking for her next work family.

Watch Jazmine’s video and read more below.

About Jazmine.

Originally from the UK, Jazmine has been in Australia for almost 6 years and has worked hard to be granted her permanent residency. She is looking to join a new team with a great culture or one that is in need of her to step in and help create one. 

Jazmine comes from a varied background of both in-house and agency roles and has worked for some of Australia’s big-name companies. Her experience in Recruitment, HR, Events and Account Management is a unique mix that led Jazmine to find her calling in people-led roles – whether that be sourcing the best talent to enhance a team and grow a business, really focusing on and caring about a great onboarding experience and retaining talent or more of a strategic business role.

We asked Jazmine to tell us about her dream company and role!

“I’m flexible as to which industry I step into, however, my dream company will be forward-thinking and one that embraces technology to remain current and competitive.

In my most recent role, I was so proud when the people I recruited and retained both internally and externally described our team as a family. My new role would ideally be within People and Culture with a focus on recruitment and nurturing others and their growth. I am also open to returning to Account Management and focusing on building meaningful relationships and experiences with clients, as relationship building is my big passion.”

Jazmine, why will your dream company love having you onboard?

“What I will bring to the organisation who hires me, is someone who is passionate about their people and who cares about business growth, culture and reputation. My style is very open when it comes to communication and embracing new experiences. I’m well connected and have contacts to call on within design, digital and freelancers. I’ve been told that I have a very warm personality and optimistic outlook. I’m incredibly driven to achieve great things and I’m excited to take my next long-term career leap and discover who that will be with.”

For more information on Jazmine please contact us on 03 9500 2797 or email


The Evolution of Human Resources

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JANA provides an unprecedented breadth of talent, global research, analysis and deep insights to deliver superior long-term investment results to clients and their beneficiaries.

This asset consulting company is driven by one purpose. People.

Which is why Head of People, Karen Hamilton, has found her work-family with the JANA team.

During her 22 years in Human Resources within the Financial Services industry, Karen has seen the evolution of communication and the surprising impact more work-life flexibility has had on her team.

It is our great pleasure to work with Karen and her team at JANA, and to share this interview with you.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, outside of work!

We are a family of seven – three kids, two dogs and a husband.  Between ferrying kids to sport most days of the week, visiting family and a little bit of COVID-friendly socialising, there isn’tmuch spare time. I do enjoy a little bit of recreational fiction writing, trying to keep fit (the emphasis on trying) and the odd glass or three of a good wine.

What’s something unique about you that not many people know?

I’ve almost completed my first fiction novel. Whether it gets to see the light of day is another story! Regardless, it’s been a great experience, I’ve learned a lot about the writing process, and feel a sense of achievement (and relief!).

Tell us about your professional experience and how you came to work at JANA.

I was fortunate to have started my career as a trainee at MLC. In that time, I got to know the HR department well and when I finished my degree I was offered a full time role as a HR administrator. I worked within NAB / MLC for 14 and a half years in a variety of roles including a training project role that helped our aligned financial adviser’s increase their educational requirements, a resource manager on a $200m project, and then into a business partner role working for a number of client groups, one of which was JANA.

I worked with JANA for approximately 2 years as their business partner, then moved to other client groups before leaving NAB in 2013 when I welcomed my third child. I was extremely grateful for the experience at NAB, having a number of wonderful people leaders who backed me, and gave me challenges that extended me (quite often well out of my comfort zone!).

After a parental leave break, I worked for a fund administration business for 3.5 years. During that time they publicly listed on the ASX and went through an ambitious global expansion. It was an interesting role, full of challenges where I learned about employment law in different countries whilst experiencing enormous personal growth.

With my previous relationship with JANA, I was fortunate enough to be considered for the Head of People role. I was keen to return to JANA when they undertook a management buy-out from NAB, having always had a high regard for their professionalism, client focus and genuine commitment to their people.

How long have you been at JANA and what do you love about working there?

I have been at JANA for 3 years next month (October). I love the variety that this role provides, and that the people agenda is passionately supported by our CEO and leadership team. I feel privileged to work with such a great group of individuals who support me, challenge me and listen to my views and ideas. 

During your time in HR and your industry, what’s changed over the years?

We used to send Memorandum’s via internal mail! Now I’m showing my age…. Email changed the pace of work and availability of people. There has been an ever increasing blurring between work and life and whilst it can be a good thing to work flexibly, we still need to find time to switch off, reconnect with family and friends and re-energise. 

The light is finally being shone on employee wellbeing, particularly mental health. Whilst we still have a way to go, we are more aware than ever of our ability to make a positive impact simply by starting a conversation with someone who might not be okay.

I also think the span of HR activities has increased, together with the emergence of HR as a true partner of the business, rather than just being a transactional service. We have evolved from the foundational activities of recruitment, performance, remuneration, and employee relations to focus more on talent, employee value proposition, targeted development, career pathways, wellbeing, engagement together with organisational design and change. Metrics to inform decision making is also more sophisticated.

There has always been the challenge of balancing the needs of the employee with the needs of the business yet businesses starting to be held to a higher account – we are seeing more media coverage of harassment and bullying in the workplace, and the community and shareholders are actively speaking out where corporates are not doing the right thing.

What has been your biggest challenge and what did you learn from overcoming this challenge? 

I’ve had a number of roles where I have been challenged (ie. didn’t know what I was doing!).  Whilst at times these experiences could be stressful and overwhelming, they have also offered me my greatest development. Whether by learning from people who are more experienced, researching for yourself, or trialing, failing then re-trialing, they all offer an avenue to grow.

Probably the most challenging was my first Business Partner role having recently returned from having my first child. I was working three days a week with three client groups and found I was drowning from the shear workload and inexperience. I was lucky to have a great people leader at the time who gave me various mechanisms of support, together with a strong network of HR colleagues who were always willing to share their knowledge and advice.

By surviving these situations, you know that the challenge is temporary, your resilience is greater than you realise, and if you persevere you will find a way through it. I’ve been able to continue to apply that learning in both my work and personal life.

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all businesses. How has JANA adapted during this time?

We were fortunate that our technology was planned with a “work from anywhere” approach. Pre COVID, we always had consultants travelling nationally or globally visiting clients or conducting research, so it made the transition to working from home so much easier. We are using Teams and other platforms to stay in touch with our teams and our clients, and continue to run the business effectively. We have run different sessions to help people and their leaders adjust to a working from home environment, together with wellbeing initiatives like meditation, an interactive nutrition workshop which was great fun, and we are about to embark on a step challenge in October.

What’s something exciting that’s on the horizon for JANA?

We have been investing in technology and efficiency initiatives with various streams of work that will make it easier for our clients to get access to our insights, research and data. It will also improve our internal efficiencies which we are very excited about!

We are also currently rolling-out an online platform to manage our performance review and development processes which will streamline the process and ensure all relevant information is captured in one tool.

What’s something you are personally really looking forward to?

Holidays! I always have a holiday planned, and even though it has been thwarted a couple of times this year with COVID, we love to get away with the kids and explore new places. We went to Dubbo Zoo this year and saw some of the beauty of country NSW which we may not have done without the travel restrictions in place. 

There’s always a silver lining 😊


Top Candidates – EA Available NOW!

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Are you looking for your next Executive Assistant superstar, to support your everyday activities, during this crazy time?  Then we have just the person for you!

Sharlene is a strong, reliable and flexible professional with 4 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant. It’s Sharlene’s powerful experience in a completely different industry that makes her this month’s Top Candidate!

Watch Sharlene’s video below to learn more.

About Sharlene.

My name is Sharlene, I am passionate, creative and bubbly, always looking to challenge myself and inspire others around me, in both my professional and social networks. 

I am an Executive Assistant and Event Manager with a passion for providing high-level support and coordinating projects. I set many goals and projects for myself to make sure I am constantly improving my skillset as well as learning and growing. 

I studied my Bachelor of Business here in Melbourne, as well as the EUROMED school of Business in Marseille, France. From there I worked on events such as the Nice Open, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Formula 1, Commonwealth Games and the X Games. 

My experience as an Event Manager includes working in Global Sports Events for companies such as ESPN and Walt Disney and as an Executive Assistant I’ve worked in the corporate and public sectors. I have a range of transferable skills including project management and coordination, team management and training, as well as Executive level support. 

Tell us about your dream company and role!

I have quite an entrepreneurial mindset, so I’d love to work for a company where I can offer my creative, innovative skill set to maximise efficiency, contributing ideas, support and learn from my team members and a company where the mission is built around constantly improving and standing out in their field. 

Why will your dream company love having you on board?

I bring passion, drive, ambition and positivity to any environment. I believe in taking initiative and going above and beyond what the “requirements” are to always stand out from the crowd.

We live in a service-based world where details really count and I take pride in differentiating myself and the company I represent.  I pay extra attention to all of the small things, just like in the events world, that’s what your staff, clients and stakeholders will always notice!  

For more information on Sharlene, contact us on 03 9707 2700 or email



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Over the last 7 years, GurnerTM have grown to be one of Melbourne’s most renowned Property Developers. Tim Gurner and his team take pride in the high calibre of innovative architects, designers, and consultants they work alongside. With a vision to create beautiful developments that stand among some of the most iconic buildings in the world, they’ve applied their unique touch of opulence and have set a new benchmark in luxurious living. 

So when GurnerTM reached out to Vanessa and the team at Brook Recruitment to fill an Office Administrator/Receptionist role, we knew the right person for the job needed style and the ability to work in an illustrious, fast-paced environment. 

Isabella had reached out to one of Brook Recruitment’s Talent Acquisition Specialists, Theresa. She had been looking for a role where she could dedicate her hard-working ethos, as well as her love for organisation. Theresa spent the time to really understand Isabella and when the role at GurnerTM became available, she instantly knew she had found the perfect fit.

Almost a year on, Isabella has become an invaluable member of the GurnerTM team. 

Here’s what Isabella has to say:

Tell us, what is a normal day like, working within the GurnerTM office and what do you love most about working there?
No two days are the same, we are a very busy, fast-paced company. There’s always something new and exciting happening in the office and with the developments. I love the variety of work and being a part of the GurnerTM team.

What about your experience, in being placed by Brook Recruitment?  Tell us a little bit about that.
My experience with Brook Recruitment was very smooth and easy.  I instantly had a connection with Theresa, who I reached out to for a job opportunity she posted.  After Theresa and Vanessa got to know me, they found the job that would suit me best and that I would really enjoy.

What did you love most about your experience with Brook Recruitment?
The friendliness, ongoing communication and relationship built between myself and the team at Brook.

Why would you recommend Brook Recruitment to other job seekers?
At Brook, the Talent Acquisition Specialists genuinely have your interests at heart and find the perfect fit for you.


Behind The Confusion

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Daniel Andrews has revealed that the Australian Unemployment Rate is nearing the 10% mark, 3% more than average.

With so many Australians out of work and on the hunt for new employment, why don’t Melbourne companies have their pick of the lot?

The industries that have largely had to close their doors and cut hours during this time include hospitality and retail, where casual employment levels are high.

When the worst should happen, a large percentage of the 10% unemployment rate are made up of casuals, entry-level roles, students, those yet to complete qualifications and those who have just started their employment.

On top of that, the number of senior-level individuals who are completing job searches online has dropped.

“People are not as inclined to risk secure employment right now” says Brook Recruitment CEO, Vanessa Fajnkind. “There’s enough uncertainty in the world as it is, so high-level employees are standing firm right now. “

“With that being said, we are securing some incredible candidates for our clients through our network” says Vanessa “and all of our clients who were able to give a Letter of Employment prior to or during COVID-19 have been able to start their new employees remotely.”

This is an absolute testament to the resilience and drive of our clients, who have pushed through the difficulties that have arisen during this crisis and continued to thrive.

The tide does appear to be changing after this week’s announcement about relaxing restrictions.

While there is still some hesitation for the month of May, it appears Melbourne businesses are switching gears and are starting to look at strategies to begin gearing up their workforce for June. The trends we are seeing in our clients include a two-stage return to work strategy, implementing safe distances between work stations, and creating a COVID-19 safe working environment with new cleaning standards.

We are seeing an increase in enquiries for employing temps to start at the end of May, as well as Senior Marketing Managers, Property Sales, and Accounting Professionals are all in demand.

If you have any questions around whether this is the right time for you to be moving forward with your next hire, contact our office on 03 9500 2797.


5 Tips To Help You Find Employment Quickly

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After the free online event we ran last week Get Hired! How To Find Employment During COVID-19, we were blown away with the incredible feedback and the wave of gratitude from job seekers all around Melbourne. Beyond that, it opened the door to so many more questions from candidates, such as…

“I’ve had tonnes of interviews, so why haven’t I been successful?” 

… and…

“I’ve applied for over 100 jobs and I never heard back. What am I doing wrong?”

We’ve heard you Melbourne! 

We are working on something for you as we speak and we will let you know about it in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, why not spend this time wisely? Below are our 5 tips that’ll give you the best shot possible at finding employment as quickly as possible.

1. Get clear on your career objectives

If you aren’t already clear on what your career objectives are, now is the perfect time to reflect on what the next step for you is and why. Spend some time finding a way to clearly communicate this in a sentence. Recruiters and potential employers love a clear objection statement because it helps them quickly identify what you’re looking for and how they can best help you.

2. Set up job alerts

Job sites like Seek have the ability to email you daily job alerts based off your criteria. Wherever you can, ensure you create these job alerts so each morning all you need to do is check your inbox!

Not every job site has this ability, so we recommend to set yourself an alarm each day to check each site systematically for the latest updates. Make sure our website is one of them because we post new opportunities regularly!

3. Update your resume

Now you have your new career objectives, add it to your resume. Besides, it’s surprising how quickly your resume can become out of date, so spend a day updating it and take the time with your layout, grammar and readability. It’s surprising how much these little things can make your resume stand out from all the others – and maybe not for the better!

4. Clean up your social media profiles

It’s true what they say – many recruiters and potential employers will visit your social media profiles as part of their overallassessment of your application. Take this time to ensure the information you can see publicly is work-appropriate. This includes profile pictures and cover images. Your LinkedIn headline is a great place for your career objective as well!

5. Up-skill!

We know these things will only take up so much time and we know job seekers are looking for ways to strengthen their applications, so why not up-skill? There are always new and exciting online courses being released every week.

Besides, you never know what we are working on for you right now…


Free Online Event For Job Seekers

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As the economy and our ability to work is continued to be impacted by COVID-19, the number of individuals looking for employment rapidly grows and those who are lucky enough to have kept their jobs are feeling the tension as they worry about whether they’ll be the next to go.

This means competition out there is tough – we’ve definitely noticed a massive increase in the number of applications for work coming through our site!

That’s why our team is coming together, as your panel of experts, in this free online event to help you cut through the competition, stand out and find the right employment quickly!

Together, we’ll cover:

  • The word on the street – what we’ve learned from talking to hundreds of Melbourne companiesduring this time and what we predict you can expect in the future
  • Our top tips to make your application stand out amongst the crowd
  • The interview bible, including the DO’s and DON’Ts that we all forget sometimes 

Our Panel of Experts:

Vanessa Fajnkind
CEO of Brook Recruitment

Vanessa founded Brook Recruitment back in 2006 after spending 15 years working for some of the biggest recruitment agencies in Australia.

Theresa Provost
Specialist in Temp Roles, Admin & Marketing

Theresa studied Business Administration in the USA and project and programme management after relocating here 5 years ago.

Richard Griffin
Specialist in Property, Construction & Finance

Incredibly perceptive and very personable, Richard brings over 10 years’ Property and Construction experience to the team.

12 noon – 1pm
Thursday 9th April
Online Zoom Call
FREE to join!

Facilitated by Marketing Manager, Lindsey Leigh Hobson, we truly believe if we all come together now, that we will be able to successfully come out the other side stronger.

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The number of clients who have reached out to us already during this time has been incredible, and we’ve been so grateful to work with them to create effective recruiting, team, and HR strategies. 

And now it’s time for us to provide even more support to you as business owners, and those who are responsible for the employment of others.

We’ve asked our friend Dan Feldman, Managing Partner at HR Legal, to join us in an online discussion group to break down your HR requirements during this time, methods to retain and onboard new staff, and together as a group create strategies for what happens next in your business.

Together, we’ll cover:

  • HR and employment obligations during this time
  • Different methods to retain and onboard new staff during this time
  • Your HR strategy and tactics moving forward
10am – 11am, Friday 3rd April
Online ZOOM Call
FREE to join!

Facilitated by Vanessa Fajnkind and Lindsey Leigh Hobson, we truly believe if we all come together now, that we will be able to successfully come out the other side stronger.

To join us, email


How we can support you through COVID-19

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Good Afternoon,

I sat down with the team at Brook Recruitment earlier this week and reflected on current circumstances in relation to COVID-19. We are monitoring the situation very carefully and for now, our office will remain open with flexible work arrangements available for the team.

With that said, they arrive at the office with smiling faces each day, ready to help you. Their resilience and commitment to all of our clients and candidates has blown me away.

While there are some big questions in the world right now with very few answers, this constant flux is bringing around a new norm for the foreseeable future.  This means businesses like yours and mine are looking for new strategies to support one another during this time.

Here are a number of different ways we can immediately support you, your team and your business:
Virtual TEMP support in alignment with your flexible work arrangements
We are running virtual interviews and offering virtual support where required. If this works for us and so many Australian businesses then it could work for you too. Ask us how we can help you set up virtual support in your business, in alignment with your flexible work arrangements.

 Flexible start dates
If your business has the need for a new team member but you aren’t sure when the dust will settle, we will continue our search for the right person who has flexibility around the start date, while the situation continues to evolve and unfold. 

 In-house TEMP and casual staff
Maybe your office is staying open but you are short-staffed during these uncertain times? We have qualified, professional, and hard-working pool of temporary and casual staff who are ready to jump into your business, on-site, exactly where it’s needed.

 Specialist online discussion groups 
We are looking to facilitate virtual round tables with up to 10 business owners and people in authoritative positions in each – all 100% relevant to each other so we can problem solve how to overcome the challenges we face as individual businesses, together. The first is to be held on Wednesday the 25th of March in the morning. Exact time to be confirmed. Please email Lindsey if you are interested in joining.

 Career coaching
We recognise this time is difficult for everyone. With over 30 years’ combined career and recruitment experience, and a qualified coach amongst the ranks, we are making ourselves available for anyone who is in need of reliable, third-party support and advice during this time. For your confidential chat, call 03 9500 2797.

 Support for team leaders, managers, and candidates
Amongst it all, we feel it’s valuable that you know you have a reliable and safe place to get help with your team, recruiting and HR requirements. At any time you can pick up the phone and call me personally on 0413 886 239. 
As each day brings new changes, we will continue to evolve to ensure we provide the best support to you during this time. 

Best Regards,
Vanessa Fajnkind
CEO Brook Recruitment
0413 886 239 | 03 9500 2797
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