5 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Team This Winter

posted by Lindsey Hobson 16/07/2019 0 comments

T​here are many great things about winter.

Warm winter drinks by the fire, hearty meals, snuggling up under a blanket to Netflix and chill, commuting too and from work in the dark… Well, maybe not that last one.

W​inter is a time for rest, and respite. For recuperating from the action-packed summer months. And while everyone handles winter differently, most people may feel additionally tired, melancholy, and hungry for carbohydrates.

For one in three hundred Aussies, however, it’s a little more serious – with a type if depression called SAD’s (seasonal affective disorder) creeping in every year.

Unfortunately for businesses, this doesn’t align with smashing company goals and a highly engaged team.

T​hat’s why it’s incredibly important to support your team to break out of the winter blues and reinvigorate their summer mentality at work. Here’s our top tips to reinvigorating your teams productivity this winter.

1. R​e-new with training opportunities
Learning is a powerful tool, which sparks creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking. Not to mention the benefits when applied within your business! Find out what new and exciting skills the individuals of your teams would like to hone in alignment with your company direction, and find training opportunities that match.

2. R​e-focus personal development goals
We enter the year with bright eyes and bushy tails, ready to achieve new personal heights. But by the time mid-year roles around and the winter blues kick in, we’ve lost sight of what we once wanted. Bring in a motivational speaker to reignite your team’s passions, and follow it through with regular celebrations and acknowledgment of your team’s achievements.

3. Re-engage with social events
Never underestimate the power of conversation in combating the winter blues. If you have a break out space, stock it with interactive games and quizzes for your team to kick back and refresh their mind. Keep a calendar of interesting activities that encourage interaction like Friday drinks, hire a coffee cart, run an office trivia night, or mix it up and take it out of the office with lawn bowls, mystery dinners, or treasure hunts.

4. R​e-vitalise with exercise goals
Sitting still is a killer, especially in winter. Get the blood pumping with office walk-n-talks, gym membership discounts, stretch time, or even evoke healthy competition with step counters like fitbits. Incentervise with weekly or monthly prizes for those who complete the most challenges.

5. Refresh your office space
A change is as good as a holiday, so why not freshen up your work space? Simple touches like office plants, bright colours, and comfortable lighting can boost morale. Alternatively, bring forward your annual spring clean, and file, sort and toss your way to a cleaner, lighter office space.

O​ur businesses work because of the people in them, so by supporting your team to break free of the winter blues, you’re created a thriving culture with an engaged team who propell you towards your company goals.

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