5 Tips To Help You Find Employment Quickly

posted by Lindsey Hobson 16/04/2020 0 comments

After the free online event we ran last week Get Hired! How To Find Employment During COVID-19, we were blown away with the incredible feedback and the wave of gratitude from job seekers all around Melbourne. Beyond that, it opened the door to so many more questions from candidates, such as…

“I’ve had tonnes of interviews, so why haven’t I been successful?” 

… and…

“I’ve applied for over 100 jobs and I never heard back. What am I doing wrong?”

We’ve heard you Melbourne! 

We are working on something for you as we speak and we will let you know about it in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, why not spend this time wisely? Below are our 5 tips that’ll give you the best shot possible at finding employment as quickly as possible.

1. Get clear on your career objectives

If you aren’t already clear on what your career objectives are, now is the perfect time to reflect on what the next step for you is and why. Spend some time finding a way to clearly communicate this in a sentence. Recruiters and potential employers love a clear objection statement because it helps them quickly identify what you’re looking for and how they can best help you.

2. Set up job alerts

Job sites like Seek have the ability to email you daily job alerts based off your criteria. Wherever you can, ensure you create these job alerts so each morning all you need to do is check your inbox!

Not every job site has this ability, so we recommend to set yourself an alarm each day to check each site systematically for the latest updates. Make sure our website is one of them because we post new opportunities regularly!

3. Update your resume

Now you have your new career objectives, add it to your resume. Besides, it’s surprising how quickly your resume can become out of date, so spend a day updating it and take the time with your layout, grammar and readability. It’s surprising how much these little things can make your resume stand out from all the others – and maybe not for the better!

4. Clean up your social media profiles

It’s true what they say – many recruiters and potential employers will visit your social media profiles as part of their overallassessment of your application. Take this time to ensure the information you can see publicly is work-appropriate. This includes profile pictures and cover images. Your LinkedIn headline is a great place for your career objective as well!

5. Up-skill!

We know these things will only take up so much time and we know job seekers are looking for ways to strengthen their applications, so why not up-skill? There are always new and exciting online courses being released every week.

Besides, you never know what we are working on for you right now…

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