5 tips to encourage employee wellness

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Healthier employees are more productive, and workplaces that promote a culture of wellness benefit from increased engagement, retention, morale, and a decrease in absenteeism. Make it your top priority in 2018 with our top 5 tips to shape workplace wellness:

#1 Give employees the tools they need to succeed

Make health initiatives easily accessible. Something as simple as supplying a communal bowl of fruit can make a difference. Consider providing healthier options in vending machines and using caterers who provide for those who wish to eat healthier.

#2 Design office spaces that encourage healthy behaviours

Employee satisfaction and productivity has been shown to rise in aesthetically appealing workplaces. When choosing work spaces, look for lots of natural light and consider “healthy buildings” that support health – including air quality, temperature, lighting, and acoustics. Incorporating plants into the workplace is another simple way to improve health, as well as educating staff on simple ergonomic strategies.

#3 Support regular fitness

You can’t force employees to engage in physical activity, but you can support and encourage them. See if any local fitness centers will provide a discount on membership, encourage and support fun runs and charity events, have a yoga instructor or fitness coach come in and run sessions in the workplace, or even organise a lunchtime walk group.

#4 Be mindful

Mental health should be an equally important workplace priority as physical health. Stress management and mindfulness programs that dedicate a short time every day to mental fitness can leave employees feeling rejuvenated and more confident. Consider including meditation courses as part of teaching initiatives to help lower stress levels amongst staff.

#5 Review your program frequently

Make sure you respond to employee needs by including their feedback on any wellness programs. This will allow you to make sure your initiatives stay relevant and engaging and ensure its success company-wide.

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