4 tips to up your career game

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Get your foot in the door

Once you’re in, it’s time to start showing off the knowledge and experience you have. Starting at the bottom is a great opportunity to grow your career within a company – your role may seem small right now, but it never hurts to think strategically with an eye on the future. A good example of this is a candidate we placed in an entry level reception and admin role who eventually worked her way up to becoming the Operations Manager.

Act on your industry passion

Focus in on what industry sector you are passionate about learn it well. Sticking to that sector will allow you to build invaluable industry specific knowledge and make you stand out to employers. We recently helped a Property Development client fill an EA role. They were more interested in finding someone with relevant industry experience rather than having the exact skills required – even considering candidates of a more junior level.

Make the company see the return

Companies are interested in finding and investing in clever, enthusiastic and driven candidates that can add value. Consider what added value you can bring to the company and your role. Upskilling in areas that might not be the focus of your role but can add value in other ways will help you get ahead and stand out – think client service skills, marketing, digital and public relations.

Evaluate your resume

A short, concise and clear CV will cut through the clutter and act as an effective marketing tool to help you land your dream job. Make sure you’re also consistent across your LinkedIn profile – it’s one of the first places a prospective employer will go to suss you out!

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