3 ways Australian businesses are returning to the office

posted by Lindsey Hobson 15/04/2021 0 comments

Working remotely has become the new norm over the past 12 months, adding another consideration for both Australian businesses and individuals who are reviewing their employment options.

Now with many businesses endeavouring to return to the office this year, it raises the question of how the team will be using their office space.

Here are 3 common ways we are seeing Australian businesses making the shift back into the office!

1. Flexible working arrangements
There are a large number of Australian businesses that are offering flexible working days. Whether that’s a set number of days in the office or a rotating roster between departments. This is a great mutually beneficial option because it allows for personal flexibility without losing the team bonding and results that are naturally created when the team are working in the same space.

The feedback we are hearing from our clients who have chosen this option it’s important to foster a sense of personal responsibility in the team and ensure the same expectations are applied to all.

2. Outcome-based agreements
While we aren’t seeing many of our clients choose this option, it is definitely out there. In this situation, hours and the location become less relevant. As long as each member of the team is achieving the agreed outcomes, meeting targets, are available during office hours and representing the company to a high standard at all times, then they can come and go from the office as need be.

The benefit of this is the sense of ownership each individual takes over their own results and role within the team, while the downside is many Australian companies are not yet ready on an operational level for this. 

3. A transition period
The majority of our clients have initiated a transition period with flexible working arrangements for a period of time before the whole team is required to return to work. This has created a split between employees with some excited to return to the office and others longing to stay remote, which in turn is making businesses revisit their space and the environment they create in the office.

We’ve even heard instances where companies are incentivising teams with team lunches, free coffee from the local cafe and fresh-new working spaces – but we’ll be talking more about this in a future interview.

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