3 tips to keep your business healthy!

posted by Lindsey Hobson 18/03/2020 0 comments

We’re living in uncertain times with the recent COVID-19 global outbreak.

With over 95% of all Australian businesses comprises of small business, it’s important we all keep moving forward as much as possible. So here are our 3 tips to keep your business healthy during this time.

1. Encourage unwell team members to stay home

It is recommended that individuals with symptoms of illness stay home from work and consider social-distancing. Ensure you have policies and procedures in place to allow employees who are unwell to take adequate leave for rest and recovery.

2. Implement flexible working arrangments

For team members who are feeling more cautious about the times at hand, implement flexible working arrangements. This allows your team to have control over their circumstances and environment, while ensuring business can continue as much as possible.

3. Keep it clean

Encourage a clean and tidy workplace to help reduce the survival and spread of cold and flu viruses. Used tissues should be placed directly into a bin and not left on desks. Supply cleaning products or have cleaning staff to ensure that frequently touched surfaces are wiped down using either detergent or an alcohol wipe on a regular basis.

Above all else, remember your mental health during this time.

Your mind dictates so much in your life, and it’s one of the first things we forget to keep healthy when crisis hits.

Limit your exposure to the media, spend time with people who make you feel uplifted, and take time to spend with yourself. We’re all in this together and it’s important we support each other during this time.

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