3 things to avoid doing at your office Christmas party… and it’s not what you think!

posted by Suzi Sarkis 05/12/2016 0 comments

It’s that time of year, and there are dozen blog posts out there telling you what not to do at your office Christmas party. So we’re going to assume you already know; not to drink to excess, not to flirt, not to dance on a table and not to be the last man standing. Check, check and check!

But here a 3 things that  will make you the beacon of positivity and respect you want people to think of you as being.

#1 – Don’t be late

It’s basic good manners. Everyone is busy, everyone is time poor and everyone wants to get home to their families, dogs, fav tv shows, etc. Show your coworkers the respect they deserve and show up to the party on-time and with a smile.

#2 – Don’t be on your phone

Seriously! Put it away.  Be present and listen attentively. Don’t be half-listening, or half-thinking about something else. Make a conscious effort to learn more about your colleagues as humans and not just someone you work with every day. Don’t just stick with your friends. Use this opportunity to talk to everyone – you might be surprised by what you learn.

#3 – Don’t trash talk

Don’t use a light, casual atmosphere like an office party as an opportunity to vent. Office parties are for celebrating, getting to know others on a more personal level, and are supposed to be fun. Come to the party with a positive attitude and leave your sarcasm at home.

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