3 things never to do when you’re job hunting

posted by Suzi Sarkis 16/05/2017 0 comments

Looking for a job is never easy. Even if you’re in a great job and have just started looking to ‘see what’s out there’, a few knock backs can start to impact your confidence. There are a few cardinal rules when searching for a job that will hold you in good stead and set you up for success.

#1 – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Good manners and courtesies are critical. We’re not talking about saying please and thank-you, we’re assuming these are basic manners you already practice every day. We’re referring to how you treat everyone you encounter during your recruitment journey. For example, Joanie was a bright young woman working for a prestigious brand. Her contract had come to its conclusion so at the advice of her recruitment consultant she took-up temping to keep a source of income and provide her with opportunities to get exposure to new businesses and teams whilst she was looking for a more permanent role. Joanie, was attending interview’s while she was temping and received a job offer. Great news! Her new employer had asked her if she was available for an immediate start. Joanie agreed to the terms despite already being committed to her current temping assignment for another 2 weeks. This left her Recruitment agency and her current employer in a very difficult position. It reflected poorly on Joanie and the Recruitment agency.  The right course of action here would have been for Joanie to negotiate for her to commence her new role in 2 weeks. If it was not possible Joanie should have discussed her position with her recruiter before confirming her new contract agreement. Instead Joanie’s actions burnt the proverbial ‘bridge’ between her and the recruitment agency and the client.

#2 – Slacken off from your current job

You might be one foot out the door but you’re still paid to do your job. Work as hard as you can until your last day. Leave your Manager and co-workers with a positive impression of working with you. It will always hold you in good stead for the future. Your personal brand is critical the success of your career, and its these interactions that build a strong brand image.

#3 – Stop preparing

Interviewing is hard. It can be very difficult to remain upbeat and enthusiastic if you’ve attending a few interviews and not gotten very far. It can be easy to start to think that it’s a waste of time to research the company as you’ve done in the past. Not preparing for an interview will almost certainly guarantee you failure. Not being able to answer questions like ‘What do you know about us?’ or ‘What interested you in the role?’ succinctly will most definitely not get you that second interview. If you’re feeling a little jaded from the whole recruitment process, take a break. Take a few weeks out to focus on the things that make you happy and get you motivated again. For more tips on how to win your dream job read our blog on the real reason’s you’re not getting that job.


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