3 steps to scale-up your career in 2020

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My name is Vanessa Fajnkind, and I am the CEO here at Brook Recruitment.

When I began my career as a recruitment consultant I never dreamed I would own my own agency. I often get asked if I knew I wanted to be a business owner – the truth is, I didn’t, I just knew I loved helping people find new opportunities and fulfilling their dreams. I kept working hard and learning as much as I could, and everything was like a domino effect — one opportunity to the next. This is the same advice that I give all our candidates. You just need to keep focused on trying to move your career in the direction you want. The role you’re in might not be your dream job, but it might be a great opportunity to learn and meet new people.

Here are a few tips to help move your career in the right direction:

Focus on impact

It’s so easy to get lost in your inbox and waste an entire day on responding and attending to small tasks. At the end of the day, you’re left feeling like you’ve achieved nothing. One of the best practices I use daily is to write down the the activity that will have the most impact and do that before I’ve even checked my inbox. I’ll be honest, this is sometimes very hard to accomplish, particularly when you have clients calling you before the work day has even begun, but I never loose sight of that goal and make sure I get to it before 11am. It’s all about actually doing the work that makes a difference for the business.

Never stop learning

Find out how you like to consume your information – it could be through Twitter, LinkedIn or receiving email alerts. Set up the appropriate channel to keep you up to date with business trends, technology and the competition. But learning is more that that – nourish your soul by contributing to things that make you happy like empowering other women in business, supporting people with disabilities to have fair work opportunities, whatever it is that makes your heart feel full at the end of the day.

It’s not work-life balance if you love it!

If you do what you love than your work won’t feel like a ‘job’. For entrepreneurs, success is found when you live and breathe your business. Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset can help shift your thinking into the realities of the working world – if you want to succeed you have to work hard. I’m not suggesting that you don’t see your family or friends or take care of your mind and body – but you need to accept that you need to work hard to scale-up your career but if you do what you love then it will bring you happiness.

So there you have it!

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